Jonathan Bass '18

B.S. Biology


I have had an interest in medicine for as long as I can remember.  My parents’ involvement in the field of healthcare allowed me to grow this interest into the passion for medicine that I carry with me today.  The field of medicine that has most captured my attention is surgery.  This field appeals to me because of its hands on approach to providing relief to the patient.  It is remarkable to be able to work with your hands and confidently assure patients that their symptoms will cease following a procedure.

    I joined AED as a junior and have been an active member ever since.  AED appealed to me because of the inclusive community that was fostered within the organization.  The organization provides a place for students to grow as individuals as well as learn more about various occupations in the medical field.  I only wish I would’ve found the organization sooner!

Vice President

Jessica Hoeschele' 18

Psychology, Biology Minor

I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. By attending engaging lectures and shadowing, I am now fully devoted to becoming a physician. More specifically, I would like to specialize as a psychiatrist.

I hope to help people combat mental illness and participate in mental health research.

I joined AED as a freshman and AED has been an informative resource as well as an opportunity to meet wonderful people. I have continued to be a member of AED for the smaller group atmosphere where long term relationships and mentorships are made possible. As an officer, I would like to provide members and pledges with the same engaging experience I have had within this organization.


Connor Johnson' 18  

Biomedical Sciences with minors in Neuroscience and English


Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a doctor of some sort. As I got older and learned more about the medical profession, I was able to narrow my interests down to surgery. Being able to go in and physically fix almost any injury and the ability to manually heal somebody using your hands is something that I find fascinating and incredibly interesting, and is why I want to be a surgeon. I joined AED because I wanted to get into an organization of like-minded individuals who could help me along my journey through college and into medical school. I became an officer after becoming very involved in the organization and realizing that I would like to help others see how interesting AED could be.




Chris Sahin '19




Events Coordinator

Setareh Ghaznavi

Biology BS with minor in Psychological Studies


I've certainly been drawn to multiple aspects of the medical field over the course of many academic years. As of late, I plan to pursue the aspect of the health field that involves therapy ranging from neurological to physical to pharmaceutical and speech therapy. As a doctor in this field, I hope to be involved in research that involves improving the treatments in these fields and I plan on building engaging and meaningful relationships with patients. I joined AED for the purposes of engaging with individuals with similar, yet different goals that all tie into the uniqueness of the health field. As an officer, I'd love to inspire members and pledges and provide them with an impactful experience.



Fundraising Coordinator

Jenitza Vega '18

Public Health with minor in Psychology


Ever since childhood I knew that I wanted to be in healthcare and help the sick by
becoming a doctor of some sort. It was not until I was in high school that I discovered my never-
ending love and bond that I share with children who happen to capture my heart. I greatly
enjoy being around children as they are the most innocent, playful, sincere, and trusting
population. Shadowing at multiple pediatric clinics has captivated my heart and reassured my longing desire to become a pediatrician and work with children. I joined AED because I was
looking for like-minded individuals who shared a similar goal of becoming submerged in the
medical field. Additionally, AED would give me the opportunity to listen to doctor’s experiences
through medical school and their career, learn more about medical schools and become
familiarized with the application process. I became an officer after being an active member in
the organization with the hopes of offering guidance, support, and encouragement to others.


ECHO Liaison

Matthew Magee

Biomedical Sciences ‘20


Towards the end of high school, after taking a few anatomy and physiology classes, I discovered my interest in the medical field. Upon entering college, I sought out groups of people who shared a similar passion for medicine. I found Alpha Epsilon Delta early on in my college experience and it has been great for me to have a group of people with similar interests on my journey to medical school. I decided to become apart of the officer body in order to further improve an already prestigious organization.