To join as a National Member, you must have:

1.     completed at least one full semester at A&M

2.     earned a total of 30 semester credit hours (including Credit by Exam, CLEP, AP, etc.)

3.     3.4 cumulative GPA; 3.25 Science GPA

To join as an Associate Member, you are not required to meet the requirements above; however, the same attendance and participation point requirements still apply.


To become a national member of AED you must:

1.       Turn in Completed Applications: Chapter (local) and National applications

2.       Provide Grade Verification:

        Print a transcript copy from my record.

3.       Attend 4 meetings, 2 socials, 2 ECHO meetings, and Induction Banquet.

4.       Pay all dues in full Local/Associate Membership Fees ($50)

National Membership Fees ($125)

a.      National $75.00

b.      Chapter $49.00

c.      ECHO $1.00

5.     Earn 20 Participation Points. The point system encourages involvement and unity. To receive credit for activities (except for the general meetings) you must complete and turn in an attendance form, which you can get from the secretary.

a.      2 points per AED meeting

b.      1 point per ECHO meeting or event

c.      2 points/hour of AED service

       d.    1 point/hour of service outside of AED*

         *Up to 10 points